Top 10 Daily Income Business In Nigeria (2024)

Top 10 Daily Income Business In Nigeria Year
Top 10 Daily Income Business In Nigeria Year

Any business can be profitable if it fills a real need in the marketplace. There are plenty of opportunities that are right under your nose, but don’t know how to capitalize on them! In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 daily income business in Nigeria.

Whether you’re looking for a full-time business or just a side hustle to make some extra money, one of these businesses could be the perfect fit for you!

So, let’s jump right into it…

Top 10 Daily Income Business In Nigeria 2024

1. Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is undoubtedly a very profitable daily income business in Nigeria. With the right location and good food, a restaurant can make a lot of money within a short amount of time.

Although, most restaurants fail or close down due to poor business strategies or management. One key to a successful restaurant business is to find the right location. 

A busy area with a lot of foot traffic is ideal. The restaurant should also be close to schools or other businesses so that people can easily stop by for a meal.

Also, the food served at the restaurant should be of good quality, hygienic, and reasonably priced. People are more likely to come back to a restaurant that offers good value for their money.

Promotions and marketing are also important for a successful restaurant business. Advertising the restaurant in local publications and online can help bring in new customers.

Although having a shop for this business is always preferable and mature but the most interesting thing about this business is that you can still do it perfectly without one.

Starting a restaurant business would cost between ₦50,000 and ₦300,000.

2. Transportation Business

With the ever-growing population of Nigeria as a whole, the transportation business is the largest and most profitable of all the daily income businesses. This particular type of business can be a little bit tricky to get started with, but once you do, it’s a very lucrative way to make money.

This business involves transporting people and goods to their respective destinations. All you need is a vehicle that is capable of carrying passengers and freight safely and quickly. This can range from small cars to large trucks. You’ll also need to get licenses for your vehicle.

You can start this business with little capital and earn much profit. The capital with you is if much can be used to purchase a new vehicle or if not can be used to purchase a used vehicle. With this, you can start making money daily.

3. Barbing Saloon Business

Barbing salon business is one of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria. This is because there is always a demand for skilled barbing services. People need to get their hair cut on a regular basis, so there is a steady stream of customers.

Another reason why barbing salon business is one of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria is that it is relatively easy to start up. All you need is a few barbing machines, some chairs, a workshop, and some barbing essentials. You can then start advertising your services and attracting potential customers.

This business requires skills. You can’t just easily jump into it without having to know or learn how to barb, although you can still employ the service of a professional barber if you do not have the skills.

The location you choose for this business is also important; find a location where people can easily park safely and where there is a lot of foot traffic.

Barbing saloon business is one of the businesses that people frequently overlook, despite the fact that it is a very profitable business that can drastically improve one’s financial status. If you charge reasonable rates, you can quickly start making good money from your business.

4. POS Business

POS business is one of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria. This is because POS machines are used by a lot of people to make a variety of transactions. POS businesses usually earn a commission or fee on every transaction that is made using the POS machine.

POS businesses are usually located in high-traffic areas where it is difficult for them to get to a bank or ATM stand and where a lot of POS agents don’t exist.

This is because there is a higher chance of getting customers who will use the POS machine to make transactions. POS business is easy to set up and doesn’t require much capital, you could start with as low as ₦300,000.

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The average daily income for a POS business in Nigeria is about ₦10,000. This means that a POS business can generate an annual income of about ₦4 million.

5. Cyber Cafe Business

Cyber cafes are very popular in Nigeria. They provide a place for people to get online and use the internet. Cyber cafes are usually open for long hours, and they usually have a lot of people using them. This makes them a great business to start.

Cyber cafes usually have a lot of computers available for use. They also have fast internet connections. This makes them ideal for people who want to use the internet for work or school.

Cyber cafes often have other services available, such as printing and photocopying, typing, binding, online registration, and many more. This makes them even more convenient for customers.

Starting a cyber cafe can be a very profitable business.

However, it is critical to do your research before starting one. You will need to find a good location and make sure you have enough computers and other equipment.

You will also need to purchase a good internet connection. Once you have all of this setup, you can start attracting customers and making money!

6. Daycare/Childcare business

As more women are venturing into the workforce, the need for quality daycare services has continued to grow thereby making this business very profitable.

Starting a daycare business requires you to be passionate about taking care of children and also have some basic childcare skills.

It is important to carry out market research before starting this business as this will help you know if there is a demand for such services in your area.

7. Gym Business

With the current lifestyle of people, the need for fitness has become inevitable hence the increased demand for gym services which makes it one of the top daily income businesses in Nigeria that can fetch you good returns on investment.

Setting up a gym requires a relatively huge amount of capital and space when compared to other businesses but if your research is done well, the start-up costs can be reduced.

8. Laundry And Dry Cleaning Business

With the busy lifestyles that we lead, there is always a need for laundry services. Lots of people don’t have time to wash their clothes rather, they would pay someone to do it for them.

This is a daily income business in Nigeria that does not require much capital to start up and can be run from a small space.

However, laundry and dry cleaning service is a risky business that requires caution due to the fact that you do not want to end up messing up customers’ clothes and also destroying your reputation..

It is important to locate your laundry business in a high foot traffic area as well so as to get more customers. You will also need to invest in some good quality washing machines and dryers.

9. Car Wash Business

This is one of the most common daily income businesses in Nigeria. It requires little or no start-up capital and doesn’t require any special skills or training.

Most car owners are so preoccupied that they don’t have time to wash their cars themselves, they prefer their cars be washed up in a car wash which makes this business a very profitable one to start.

One key factor in this business is located. Your business needs to be located in an area where there’s an influx of cars.

You can also run several businesses such as running a bar, barbecue, grilling, etc along with your car wash business in order to boost your daily income.

10. Importation And Sale Of Used Clothes Business (Okirika)

This is a very lucrative business in Nigeria with a daily income potential of up to ₦50,000 if managed really well. 

The importation and sale of used clothes is a very competitive business that involves selling used clothes such as shirts, trousers, or gowns and many more imported from countries overseas like London, the United States, Germany, etc.

This is a good daily income business in Nigeria if you can find the right clothes to sell, a good supplier, and have a good marketing strategy, you can be very successful in this business.


As I said, if you have a passion for fashion and can find great clothes to sell, this can be an excellent daily income business in Nigeria option. So if you are interested, you should get in contact with the company which is providing these opportunities and learn more about it.

I hope this article has been informative. Don’t forget to share this information with other people that can benefit from it as great as you did. It is my belief that daily income business will change the face of our country. I hope the government will take note and encourage the youth so that unemployment can be reduced by creating employment for themselves

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