Asake Net Worth, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Songs, And Career

Asake Net Worth Biography Age Relationship Status Tribe Songs And Career
Asake Net Worth Biography Age Relationship Status Tribe Songs And Career

Asake is a popular Nigerian musician whose real name is Ahmad olalade and he is popularly known as  Mr money throughout Nigeria.

Asake is a songwriter, performer, and afrobeat singer who is loved by thousands of people since he became noticeable in the Nigerian music industry.

Asake Biography

Asake was born on 13th January 1995 (age: 29 years) in the city of Lagos. Lagos is a Southwestern part of Nigeria and the city adopts Yoruba as the official language, that is Asake was a Yoruba tribe. 

However, in this article, I am going to discuss with you some of the information you have wanted to know about Asake such as Asake’s biography, age, relationship status, tribe songs, career, and asake net worth. 

Here in the next section of this article, I will be giving you guys an insight into some sake’s biography.

Profile Summary

Full NameAhmad Olalade
Stage NameAsake (Mr Money)
Date Of Birth13th January 1995 (age: 29 years)
Age29 years old (as of 2024)
Record LabelYBNL Nation
Net Worth$1.2 million (as of 2024)

Asake Educational Background

Here is it, it’s been an argument amongst Nigerians whether Mr money/Asake is educated or didn’t even pass through western education.

Yes, I won’t blame them for such agreements because that’s their views on the singer. However, I am here to tell you that the singer is well educated and knows much about western education. 

Asake is well educated: The Trabaye singer studied Theatre and performing arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Osun state. 

Asake Music Career

Asake Net Worth Biography Age Relationship Status Tribe Songs And Career

As a dancer, asake felt his love for music is growing and he had to dive into the music industry to music. This guy loves music, no wonder he dives into the music industry. 

Due to his love for music, he posts his music videos on social media and gains an audience and people start to notice him. 

However, it was in 2020 that one of his music videos titled Lady went around social media and this gained him more popularity as many music lovers kept listening to the music.

Nevertheless, in the same year, that same music was known by top social media influencers such as Sidney talker, Broda shaggi, Tunde edit, and other top social media influencers who helped him repost the video and the video went even more viral. This Marks Asake as one of the rising musicians in the music industry.

After a while, Asake released their single debut Mr money which is loved by Nigerian music lovers. The song was heard by thousands of music fans and this marked the beginning of the popularity of Asake in the Nigerian music industry.

In 2024, Asake surprised the mass by dropping his hit song titled Omo Ope which rapidly gets the attention of many Nigerians. Olamide is one of those who love the song after listening to it and tells Asake he would like to record his verse in the song after liking the song. 

Later on, they record songs together and gained no 1 on the Nigerian Apple Music list. It was then olamide offered to sign Asake to his YBLN record label and the musician’s popularity begin to skyrocket. 

After all this popularity, he dropped popular songs like Trabaye, sungba, Baba God, and Omo Ope. His Sungba remix was done in collaboration with the Grammy award winner Burna Boy and the song skyrocketed one more time for several weeks. 

He didn’t put a stop to his popularity as he was featured on the song titled Palazzo which is owned by DJ spinal 

Surprised by many individuals, he released Peace Be Onto  You. Many people listen to the song and loved it which gained lots of reviews across the internet from music lovers and made him stand strong in the music industry. 

Soon after that, he dropped Terminator from his lovely album known as Mr money with the vibe. And I must say the year 2022 has been a great year for him.

Asake Age

Asake is still in his 20’s and very much young. The singer was born on January 13, 1995, in the city of Lagos Nigeria.

The young man is 29 years of age and is sure he still got more surprises for music lovers.

Asake Net Worth

As of February 2024, asake net worth is estimated to be $1.2 million, that’s ₦504,395,995 (₦504.3 million) in Nigerian money. 

Asake House 

Being a successful musician isn’t easy and it requires lots of hard work to achieve your goals. 

Recently on a social media post, Asake posted a picture of his mansion that was worth millions of naira. Not only a mansion but we discovered that he owns numerous luxurious cars.

To people wondering if Asake was successful already, this is to tell you that he is more successful than we might think. 

Asake Awards And Achievements 

Thanks to his hard work, the talented musician has been awarded and nominated for awards so far. You might not know of this but he has been awarded so far.

Some of his awards and nominations are below;

  • The breakout artist of the year at the Net Honours Class of 2022
  • City music people award for street music of the year 2020
  • The city people music awards for a popular song of the year 2020
  • The city people music awards for best Collaboration of the year 2020

Asake Songs 

As we all know, the singer is skyrocketing and gaining people’s love whenever he releases new tracks.

As for me, I think Asake is still coming up with lots of bangers.

Below are some of his songs;

  • Star
  • Lady
  • Grind 
  • Body
  • Genetic
  • Kanipe
  • Ayeeza 
  • Paying
  • Sungha 
  • Gable lo
  • Palazzo
  • Mr. Money
  • Bandana 
  • Omo Ope 
  • Baba God 
  • When I meet you
  • African something
  • Peace Be Onto You

Asake Cars

Asake Net Worth Biography Age Relationship Status Tribe Songs And Career

Asake is now a car owner! due to lots of hard work and nonstop grinding, the musician now owns luxurious cars as other musician does. 

Asake Relationship Status

Lots of musicians have lovers which they do post on social media, but according to our research, we haven’t spotted Mr money with any girl and haven’t seen him post any girls. However, we suggest that he’s not yet dating for now.


As we all know, Olamide has been a helping hand to many Nigerian musicians, helping them to be recognized by the masses.

As for Asake, Olamide has done something good for him by helping him stand solid among Nigerian musicians.

Nevertheless, the singer was born in Lagos state Nigeria, In the year 1995 and studied Theatre and performing arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University, le-ife Oshun state. And became a noticeable singer in Nigeria due to his hot bangers.

After reading this article in this section, am sure you would have gotten some things you have been waiting to know this while, things like Asake’s biography, age, relationship status, tribe, songs, career, and net worth. Am sure this article gives you insight into what you are here for.

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