How To Unshare Data On Glo (2 Easy Steps)

How To Unshare Data On Glo 2 Easy Steps
How To Unshare Data On Glo 2 Easy Steps

Have you noticed that your data connection is getting drained faster than you’d like? If so, unsharing your GLO account may help. Here’s how to unshare your data on the Glo network.

It turns out that the process isn’t hard at all, and can make your family get more value from your monthly plan.

Sharing your data bundles with relatives and friends is something everyone enjoys doing. However, you may discover that certain situations can force one to unshare data. Here’s how to unshare data on Glo.

How To Unshare Data On Glo

If you are looking for help to unshare data on Glo, then follow these steps.

How To Unshare Data On Glo Using Code?

To remove someone from your subscription plan using the Glo code, you must first know their number. After that, you can remove them from your list.

How To check my Glo shared number?

  1. On your phone, dial the number *127*00#
  2. A list of all the people you who share your Internet bundles will appear in less than a minute

Or, you can use the texting feature. Just type the word “LIST” in your messages app and send it to 127.

If you see someone on the list who you wish to no longer share your data plan with, write their numbers down. To remove them from the list, follow the steps below.

To remove a contact, dial the USSD code 12702*[number you wish to remove]# or, send an SMS REMOVE [number you wish to remove] and the message will be sent to that number.

How to check Glo data balance?

Want to know how much data you’ve used? Use the below steps on how to check the shared data balance on Glo now.

  1. Pick your mobile phone and dial *777#
  2. Select your current subscription plan
  3. Go to Manage Data
  4. Select Data Balance
  5. Wait for the response

You can also check your balance by using a USSD code. Dial *1270# on your mobile phone and wait for the response.

How To Share Data On Glo Network?

What is the code to share data on Glo? You may wish to share your Glo Internet bundle with the person you removed or added. To do so, dial *12701*the person number#, and then follow the instructions on your screen.


Now you know how to unshare data on the Glo network. You can use the methods described above to remove or add a contact to your subscription plan.

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