Obi Cubana Net Worth, Biography, Age, Career, And Family

Obi Cubana
Obi Cubana

Obi Cubana is a Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder of the famous “Cubana Group,” which is a conglomerate of companies involved in various industries, including hospitality, real estate, and entertainment.

Obi Cubana’s net worth is around $150 million or ₦70 billion Naira.

Obi Cubana Profile

NameObinna Iyiegdu (Obi Cubana)
Date of Birth12, April 1975
Age48 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthAnambra state, Nigeria
Current ResidenceAbuja, Nigeria
EducationGraduated from the University of Nsukka
CareerFounder of the “Cubana Group”
Net WorthEstimated at $150 Million (₦70 Billion Naira)
FamilyMarried with 4 children
SpouseEbele Iyiegbu (Lawyer and CEO of KIEK Foundation)

Obi Cubana Biography

Obi Cubana, also known as Obinna Iyiegdu, is a well-known Nigerian businessman and entrepreneur. He was born in Anambra state, Nigeria on the 12th of April 1975 and is currently 48 years old.

He was raised in Anambra but currently resides in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

Obi Cubana graduated from the University of Nsukka and began his business ventures in Abuja. He worked for a Whiteman early in his career, where he shared a room with four other people.

Obi Cubana

He started his own business after being given 1 million nairas by the Whiteman before the Whiteman left the country.

He and his friends used the money to establish the “Cubana Group,” a conglomerate that operates multiple businesses in industries such as hospitality, real estate, and entertainment.

The “Cubana Group” has made Obi Cubana a successful entrepreneur in Nigeria and he is considered one of the country’s billionaires. He owns over 9 clubs and hotels across Nigeria, according to various online magazines.

Obi Cubana

He gained significant attention when he spent millions of dollars on the funeral of his mother, who passed away in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Obi Cubana Age

Obi Cubana was born on the 12th of April 1975, which means as of 2024, he is 48 years old.

Obi Cubana Life Achievements

According to various online magazines, he owns more than 9 clubs and hotels across Nigeria.

Some of the night club are listed below:

  • Gustavo Cubana – Enugu.
  • Cubana nightclubs – Lagos.
  • Opium Cubana – Owerri.
  • Grand Cubana hotels – Abuja.
  • Crave Cubana – Abuja.
  • Pablo Cubana – Lagos.
  • Cubana leisure outfits – Lagos
  • Rolex hotels – Lagos.

Obi Cubana Family And Personal Life

Obi Cubana is not just successful in his business ventures, but he also has a successful personal life. He is married to Ebele Iyiegbu, a lawyer and CEO of the KIEK foundation.

The couple got married in 2008 and has four children together. Ebele’s role as a lawyer and CEO of the KIEK foundation highlights her own successful career and shows that Obi has a supportive partner by his side.

Together, they have built a strong family and partnership that supports their individual and collective achievements.

Obi Cubana Net Worth 2024

Net Worth 2024$150 Million
SourceHotels and Clubs

Obi Cubana’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million, or ₦70 billion Naira. He is the founder of the well-known business organization, “Cubana Group”.

The “Cubana Group” is a collection of businesses that cover a wide range of industries, from entertainment to hospitality.

With his successful entrepreneurship and business acumen, Obi has built a large fortune for himself and his family.

Is Obi Cubana Richer Than E-money?

Obi Cubana’s net worth is estimated to be around $150 million, or about ₦70 billion, according to some reports. It is also claimed that he is wealthier than his associate, the oil magnate E-money, who is estimated to be worth $110 million.

However, it is important to note that these estimates are not validated by any reputable wealth estimation organizations, and should be taken with caution.

The exact net worth of an individual can be difficult to determine, as it may include various assets and income streams that are not publicly available.

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