How To Become Yahoo Boy In 2024: 7 Easy Steps

How To Become Yahoo Boy Girl In Year 7 Steps
How To Become Yahoo Boy Girl In Year 7 Steps

Before discussing how one can be a c or girl, I would likely want to ask you, “Why would anyone want to do Yahoo?“.

To make money and blow up, right? I guess that may be your answer, and it is quite true, and I agree with you on that.

Whosoever decides to do Yahoo wants to make money from it; otherwise,  no sane person will want to do something without any benefit from it.

In early 2000,  most young adults used Yahoo messenger to chat and interact socially with people from around the world, and that was how the name Yahoo Yahoo came into existence.

The name was associated with Yahoo messenger, which by then was used to reach out to people online, and sadly most young boys and girls used the platform to commit cyber crimes and frauds, which stands out to date.

How To Become Yahoo Boy In 2024

However, in this article,  we will discuss how anyone can venture into the business of Yahoo Yahoo and become a Yahoo boy or girl.

Five Requirements To Become A Yahoo Boy Or Girl

First and foremost, it is very important to know that before you can begin to operate as a Yahoo boy or girl, you will have to fulfill the requirements needed, as listed below.

1. Learn How To Read And Write

How To Become Yahoo Boy Girl In Year 7 Steps

This is clear and simple for anyone to understand.  To become a successful Yahoo boy or girl, you will have to attain basic formal education, which involves you knowing how to read and write.

As easy as it sounds, this is one of the most important and basic requirements to fulfill to be successful in the field.

2. Fast Internet And Data

You need to have a fast internet connection and steady data to be able to access and surf the internet more frequently.

Keeping in touch with people who are usually called clients who will give you money is the ultimate aim of being a Yahoo boy or girl, and I believe you wouldn’t want to miss out on any opportunity all because you lack data to come online.

3. Good Laptop

How To Become Yahoo Boy Girl In Year 7 Steps

Aside from having a good internet connection and available steady data, you also need a laptop to carry out your schemes.

A good laptop with perfect working conditions is essential to becoming a Yahoo boy or girl.

And I suggest you buy a new one rather than purchasing a second hand for yourself to avoid repairing it frequently.

4. Get A Smartphone

How To Become Yahoo Boy Girl In Year 7 Steps

For those who can’t afford a laptop, it is important to get a quality smartphone in good working condition, most preferably a new one, to stay updated.

5. Secure A Location

You must also consider your location and find a better place to carry out your scam schemes.  

And since the schemes you mainly carry out as a Yahoo boy or girl aren’t legal, I suggest that you secure a location that isn’t too open or easily accessible. There you can be able to do anything you want to do without the slightest obstructions.

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Types Of Yahoo In Nigeria 2024

  1. Hookup
  2. Online Dating
  3. Credit Card Billing
  4. Medical Bills
  5. Sugar Daddy
  6. Celebrity Format


Becoming a Yahoo boy or girl isn’t so much fun as many ups and downs exist.  You also have to move along with the newest updates to get clients you lure to pay you through scam schemes foolishly. 

It is also very stressful as you will have to know how to convince your clients to believe and trust that you are for real and not a scammer.  

But still,  some people make a good living from it, and being able to afford a luxurious living is what makes most young boys and girls want to join the league of people who do Yahoo.

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