How To Get Rid Of 3d Bitmoji Selfie? (2024)

How To Get Rid Of 3D Bitmoji Selfie Year
How To Get Rid Of 3d Bitmoji Selfie Year

One of your favourite Snapchat features is the ability to customize your Profile page with a 3D Bitmoji. You’re not limited to just one bitmoji head though, you can also add different faces for all occasions! We’re going to walk through how to get rid of 3d bitmoji selfies on Snapchat.

What’s Snapchat?

As one of the hottest social media apps on the market, Snapchat has been baffling its user base since day one.

They’re not your traditional form of social media and use an entirely different set of guidelines.

The interface alone can be enough to cause a panic attack in some people as they struggle to remember how everything works!

There’s no shame in needing help with social media, even if you’re an adult.

There is an extension (in Chrome) called What’s Snapchat that teaches you all about what Snapchat is and how to use it quickly and easily so you can avoid those embarrassing moments.

How many times has someone told you to Snapchat me?

There are several occasions when your friend tells you they want to send you something on Snapchat, but they’re at a loss because they’ve forgotten how to use Snapchat.

To avoid being sent screenshots of Snaps with text overlay, follow these 5 simple steps.

First, download the app on iOS or Android if you haven’t already. Second, register an account so you have a username and password that’ll keep things organized.

Third, select a profile picture that depicts who you are or what’s going on in your life currently (ideally an actual photo).

Fourth, write your first few snaps to practice using the app and get used to composing them. Fifth and finally, send some snaps (or pictures) around!

What’s Bitmoji?

Iconic Carhartt Workwear Now Available For Bitmoji Avatars

Who are you even if you’re not on social media?

Our generation is more connected to the internet and social media than any other generation before.

That means as humans, we value our internet presence more than anything else and so it starts to define us.

Bitmoji! They’re surprisingly cool and allow us to fully express ourselves online without any repercussions because it’s anonymous! There’s nothing else like it!

These days, you feel like an extension of your social media account. That goes for photos and videos too.

If you want to post something to Instagram or Facebook, you need the app, but with Bitmoji, you don’t need the app anymore.

Bitmoji not only replaces traditional photos and videos from your phone camera roll but also lets you create unique images of your favourite celebrities.

These images are all rendered as vector graphics so that when enlarged on a computer screen or other device, there is no pixelation or fuzziness in the picture.

Stop creating boring content from your phone camera roll and use Bitmoji instead! It’ll save tons of time and increase engagement on all social media platforms for your company!

How To Get Rid Of 3d Bitmoji Selfie?

Can you remove Snapchat’s 3d bitmoji? Unfortunately, Snapchat’s 3D Bitmoji cannot be removed. This means you can’t go back to not having a 3D Bitmoji.

There is no way to completely delete and remove it. You can only unlink the Bitmoji account from your Snapchat profile.

When you unlink your 3D Bitmoji account from your Snapchat profile, your 3D Bitmoji will be reset to the generic 2D Bitmoji.

However, you cannot have anything on your Snapchat profile.

Watch the video below to learn how to get rid of 3d bitmoji selfies by unlinking them from your Snapchat account.

How To Go Back To 2d Bitmoji?

To go back to 2d bitmoji, you need to unlink your Snapchat account from 3d bitmoji.

Steps to go back to 2d bitmoji:

  1. Head to the Snapchat app on your device
  2. Click on your Bitmoji icon in the left corner on the top of your screen.
  3. Click on the Settings icon on the right of your screen
  4. Click on Bitmoji
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on the “Unlink your Bitmoji” option
  6. Click on OK in the pop-up dialogue

Please note: if you created a Bitmoji through Snapchat, unlinking will delete your Bitmoji avatar. 

So once you hit the confirm option you can not retrieve the same Bitmoji account and you will have to start from scratch.

So, keep that in mind before unlinking your Bitmoji account from the Snapchat account.

Why Does My 3d Bitmoji Look Weird? 

Okay, so when you saw your first Bitmoji, you probably thought, how cool! But then maybe a little bit later you realized something was up: why does my 3d Bitmoji look weird?

That’s right, nobody likes looking strange in their selfie. Especially when it comes in three dimensions! And don’t worry, there’s no need to stay unhappy. Don’t worry, I  got your back.

There are plenty of reasons why. Sometimes when you first upload an image, it gets analyzed so that bitmoji matches the position of your head in the picture.

But then when you edit it and alter the position, it doesn’t match up anymore, leading to your 3d Bitmoji looking strange.

Other times you might tweak too many details such as changing hair colour or clothes and the app loses track of the face due to too many changes.

Important of Bitmoji

How To Get Rid Of 3D Bitmoji Selfie Year

Bitmoji Is So Important And Considerable?

You’re constantly on social media, but you’ve noticed how all your friends post pictures or videos and garner hundreds of likes, retweets, and shares. Whereas you’ll make one post and it gets barely any likes or retweets.

It might not seem like a big deal to you, but when your friends get tons of attention while yours dwindles, it starts to eat away at you.

It might seem like an impossible task to ever have that same type of attention from your followers as your peers have, but there is hope! With the Importance of Bitmoji, Snapchat designed personalized Bitmojis with hundreds of free stickers. Give virtual buddies your personal touch so you can finally feel like you’re worth talking about!

How Can I Make New Friends On Snapchat?

How do you make friends when you’re a teenager who doesn’t attend school any longer? Or how do you make friends after college when networking is more work than hanging out and having fun with people? Plus, we all want friends, and connecting on Snapchat sounds great because, on Snapchat, everyone stays up to date!

Sometimes all it takes to make new friends is opening up your camera and playing around! But if that feels too pushy or makes you nervous, try sending snaps one at a time — an old favourite that never seems to lose its charm.

And keep in mind that Snapchat isn’t just for kids; there are plenty of adults looking for pals too. So take some time today to download the app and start chatting away!

Snapchat Vs Whatsapp

How To Get Rid Of 3D Bitmoji Selfie Year

Both apps are popularly known to be one of the most used apps around the world. Want to make new friends? Then try Snapchat 

 However, apart from making new friends on WhatsApp, you can also advertise your service and make money alongside. 

In recent years, WhatsApp is used in generating a great lead for businesses and people all over the world to meet each for business purposes without even knowing one another.

So to finalize it, both apps are used for making friends!


Unfortunately, that’s all there is to it. There’s no way to get rid of 3d bitmoji selfies on the Snapchat account. You can only disconnect the two accounts so that the Bitmoji doesn’t show up anymore. It’s a minor inconvenience, but still an inconvenience.

Forget it, most people using Snapchat are cool with using bitmoji while other people dislike it, but I am pretty sure you have gotten to know about what brought you here. 

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