Why Do Guys Want Feet Pictures?

Pexels Photo 69198
Pexels Photo 69198

Why do guys want feet pics? It is a new Internet trend to show women’s feet pictures.

Some people say that there are no reasons for it, and some guys will not understand why. Guys can’t be the same.

Let’s see some reasons why guys want feet pictures.

Why Do Guys Want Feet Pictures?

According to psychologists, a foot fetish is the only way to get sexual happiness for some guys.

Even though there are many people who are afraid to admit it, they really like having feet photos as their main attraction.

The main pleasure of feet is not only touching and smelling them but also seeing them in action.

Guys want pictures of feet because they want to see the fantasy in life. Some guys just like the thought of having a girl who is not just willing, but excited about it all.

They want to see their feet in lots of positions and even better, touch them and feed them with lots of stuff.

According to statistics, there could be several psychological reasons behind this fetish that have been growing popular among men who do not meet women face-to-face in real life as much as they might desire that too!

Sometimes men get this kind of pleasure from looking at videos where women are running around with their high heels on and sometimes wiggling their feet under the table or hanging out with friends during dinner parties.


If you’ve ever asked yourself why do guys like feet pictures, this article should give you a pretty good idea. Maybe the guy you’re interested in does have a foot fetish, or maybe he just has a thing for cute girls.

Either way, there’s no harm in sending him a sexy pic of your feet. It may even be what catches his eye!

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