Tridle Word Game – Where And How To Play It?

If you enjoy playing the Wordle game, you will be blown away by this incredible new version called Tridle. It is an amazing version of the game that will leave you speechless while also satisfying your strong desire for a word-guessing game that is more difficult than guessing two Wordles but not as difficult as guessing four Wordles at once.

Tridle, the game that acts as a mediator between Dordle and Quordle, has captured the hearts of many.

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Without further ado, Let’s go over all of the details of this amazing game in this article. It is now time to learn everything there is to know about the Tridle game, where to play it, and how to play it.

What Is Tridle Word Game?

Tridle Word was created by Josh Wardle, who wanted to create a fun word game that was simple to play but also challenging enough for adults to enjoy as well as kids.

Tridle word game is based on the widely-known Wordle puzzle. The goal of this game is to solve three Wordle puzzles at once. This makes the game interesting, fun, and even more challenging.

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The game is also inspired by Dordle and Quordle, but with few tweaks (i.e three pieces instead of the original two or four).

How To Play Tridle Word Game?

If you know how to play Wordle, well the rules are quite the same:

  1. You will be given three layers, just like in any other Wordle game. You are required by Tridle to figure out three consecutive words.
  2. Simply enter a guess word then press ‘Enter.’
  3. All three columns are filled as you type a word.
  4. For each task, the game will tell you how accurate your guess was. If a letter corresponds to a word that is also in the same box, it turns green; if it corresponds to the word but is located in a different box, it turns yellow; and if it does not appear in the word, it turns black.
  5. Guess once more using the information from the previous word.
  6. Continue until you either correctly guess all of the words or fail after eight attempts.
  7. You can play as much as you want over and over again.
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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used to create the game’s interaction and user interface.

Where To Play Tridle Word Game?

Tridle, like other games such as Dordle, Quordle, Octordle, Absurdle, and many others originating from Wordle, does not have an official app. As a matter of fact, the only way to play Tridle is via its official website, which is listed below;

Tridle can be played at –

It’s worth taking note that playing a game on a website isn’t necessarily a disadvantage because almost any device with an internet connection can access a website.

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So to play Tridle, launch any web browser on your desktop or smartphone and type this link “” in the address bar, then load.

To begin playing Tridle Word on your device, read the instructions and click the ‘X‘ icon after you’re done reading the instructions. As simple as that.


In this post, I went over a complete guide to the Tridle word game. You can now play this amazing game on your smartphone and learn all about its history of it along with learning how to play it.

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Believe me when I say you’re in for a treat as you experience playing one of the best word-guessing games in the mobile gaming world. Give it a try today!

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