5 Best Places To Live In Australia (According To Smartest People)

5 Best Places To Live In Australia According To Smartest People
5 Best Places To Live In Australia According To Smartest People

Australia is popularly known as one of the best countries to live in. Even though the cost of living is high, a high standard of living is still possible. This article will give you the 5 best places to live in Australia (2024).

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding any new country. In the case of Australia, there are a number of reasons why it has become one of the most popular countries for immigrants from around the world.

When considering where to live in Australia, you might select one of the cities based on its economy or tourism, or perhaps even a favourable climate.

But what about the best places to live? Do you want to live next to a lot of Australians? Will it be easier to get a visa if your city has strong job markets? Are there any must-have amenities that everyone is looking for? These are all questions that you can answer with our research on the top 5 places in Australia for 2024.

Best Places to Live in Australia

We’ve come up with the 5 best places to live in Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, and Sydney are all great places to live.

We’ve worked out which place is best depending on what you care about most, from culture and climate to job opportunities. Check out the table below for our full rundown.

1BrisbaneQueenslandBest for rural escapes
2AdelaideSouth AustraliaBest for food and drink
3CanberraAustralian Capital TerritoryBest for families
4HobartTasmaniaBest for property affordability
5SydneyNew South WalesBest for job opportunities

1. Brisbane (Best for rural escapes)

Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest city, and its residents love to get outdoors. While the urban center of Brisbane is all shiny skyscrapers, the city is also ideally placed for getting into nature.

Brisbane residents are an active bunch and love to enjoy their beautiful river, whether they’re jogging alongside it or sailing on it.

The rest of Queensland’s delights are within easy reach of the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef is among the highlights.

Brisbane is a thriving metropolis. It’s attracted workers in the hospitality, health care, and manufacturing industries.

But you’ll also find some of the country’s most beautiful suburbs, such as Paddington if you’re looking for a quieter lifestyle. Families might prefer Moray field for its proximity to the city.

Fast-growing economy, especially in health and hospitalityCar parking is the most expensive of any Australian city
Close to some of Australia’s rural paradises, like the Gold CoastExpensive housing in its inner suburbs – more affordable about 10km out
Warm climate all year round

2. Adelaide (Best for Food and Drink)

Adelaide, South Australia’s capital and largest city, attracts visitors who enjoy its friendly country feel and affordable real estate.

The city recruits a minimum of 5,000 skilled migrants a year, especially in the fields of healthcare, education, and manufacturing.

Adelaide is a popular destination for ex-pat families who live in the leafy suburbs of Belair and Banksia Park.

You’ll find a varied cultural scene to enjoy, with art festivals, live music, and great restaurants.

The Adelaide beaches are beautiful and often wind-swept; or if you want a change from the beach, you can travel out to the nearby Barossa Valley vineyards to sample regional food and wines.

Quiet compared to Australia’s other big cities, like SydneyThe unemployment rate is above the national average
Easy access to green spaces, such as the Botanical Garden and Mount LoftyAmenities like shopping malls and hospitals are few and far between
Offers one of Australia’s best wine regions, including the Barossa Valley

3. Canberra (Best for Families)

The capital of Australia, Canberra, has a sophisticated atmosphere that really comes alive when the country’s parliament assembles.

Although it is the nation’s capital, Canberra has fewer than 400,000 residents giving it an almost small-town charm with its pretty tree-lined streets.

Real estate is some of the most affordable in the country; average house prices are almost $100,000 AUD ($70,500 USD) below the national average of around $480,000 AUD ($340,000 USD).

Canberra has a great restaurant and bar scene, some interesting cultural attractions, such as the National Gallery of Australia, and no end of adventure activities in the hills and bushland that surround the city.

In summer, residents take to their boats on Lake Burley Griffin to enjoy picnics, bike rides, fishing, and sailing.

The cost of living is cheaper than in other Australian cities, like MelbourneAround a two-hour drive to the nearest beach
Has a variety of family-friendly suburbs, including Tuggeranong and BelconnenAlthough buying a house is cheap, renting is expensive
Has one of the lowest crime rates of any major Australian city

4. Hobart (Best for Property Affordability)

Hobart, the second oldest city in Australia, is located on the south coast of the country on the banks of the Derwent River.

The city is popular with those who prefer cooler temperatures, with summer temperatures a manageable 68°F. It has a lovely relaxed pace of life.

Hobart has a wide range of real estate, from the luxurious to the affordable, and its desirable riverside suburbs are popular with families and retirees alike.

The suburb of Kingston recently received an honour when it was named the most family-friendly place to live in Australia.

Hobart is not a growing employment market, but it does offer steady and steady job prospects, especially for skilled ex-pats in the construction, viticulture, and engineering industries.

Come for the arts scene in town, scale Mt Wellington and relax on the beach; or head to Sandy Bay for a day of surfing, swimming, and sunbathing.

Has the most affordable housing in AustraliaSeparated from mainland Australia
Breathtaking scenery, including Mount WellingtonHas the lowest average income in Australia
Small city, giving it more of a country town feelLack of public transport

5. Sydney (Best for Job Opportunities)

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia, is also home to some of its most iconic sights.

Cruise through the harbour to see the famous opera house or join the surfer dudes down at the beautiful Bondi Beach.

While younger ex-pats prefer central Sydney’s vibrant nightlife scene and many families choose to live in the suburbs, there are plenty of activities within easy reach of any neighbourhood.

Western Sydney is popular with American ex-pats, while the Northern Beaches Area is ideal for families.

Sydney is a major player on the world stage, which has an undeniable effect on its cost of living.

The real estate market here is comparable to that of New York, placing it among the most expensive places in the world.

Sydney’s economy is doing well, with good employment prospects in the financial services, communications technology, and creative industries.

The unemployment rate is below the national averageThe cost of living is more expensive than in other Australian cities, especially for housing
Easy access to over 100 beaches, including Bondi and Manly BeachTraffic is bad, especially in the summer
Public transport is among the most affordable in the worldLack of public transport

3 Things To Consider Before Moving To Australia

If you’re moving to Australia, you should know that the culture here is much more than just a taste for beer and barbecues (although there are definitely those things too).

We’re talking about a land full of genuine variety: You can ski or surf on the same day.

Everything from wildlife to the weather is colourful, exciting, and slightly dangerous. Australia is a place where no two people will experience the same thing unless they follow each other around.

Here are the 3 things to consider before moving to Australia.

1. It is absolutely massive and crowded

Australia is about three million square miles. This comes to about the size of Europe. If you put a map of Australia over a map of Europe, it pretty much covers the whole thing.

The distance between Portugal and Ukraine is less than the distance between Perth and Sydney. It’s fair to say that it takes a lot of time and energy to see the whole country, so check out the gorgeous map.

2. The weather varies a lot

People often believe that Australian weather is uniform throughout the country. This is not true. When it’s summer in the south, it’s normally a wet season in the north.

Brisbane and Melbourne, the two major cities of Australia, have quite different climates.

Brisbane is generally blessed with a tropical climate, while Melbourne is known for having “four seasons in one day” meaning that even in wintertime it can snow there.

3. Sunny

In Australia, the sun shines brightly year-round. Every summer, the mercury rises and the temperature reaches 50°C in some areas.

Recent heat waves in Sydney have melted tarmac roads and killed hundreds of baby bats. However, it’s not just the heat that’s dangerous.

The ozone layer above Australia is unusually thin. This makes the Aussie sun especially powerful, which is why the 1980s ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ campaign was created.

If you want to stay safe from the sun, slip on a shirt and slop on some sun cream, then slap on a hat. And it has to be in that order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Cheapest City To Live In Australia?

Despite recent property prices that have made Hobart the most affordable city in Australia, it is still less expensive than other cities like Sydney or Melbourne. Houses in Hobart are about 25% cheaper than the national average at $444,500 AUD ($315,000 USD). If you want to live in an island paradise, then Adelaide and Perth are among the cheapest cities to live in mainland Australia.

Which Is The Most Expensive City To Live In Australia?

It should come as no surprise that Sydney is the most expensive Australian city to live in. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you around $500 AUD ($350 USD) a week, while a house requires around $880,000 AUD ($620,000 USD) in the bank to buy.

Which City In Australia Has The Best Weather?

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia, with 8.8 hours of sunshine per day on average, or 3,200 hours of sunlight each year. The weather in Perth is mild all year round: it rarely drops below 50 °F in winter and doesn’t get below freezing in summer. Bonza!

Where Is The Best Place To Find Work In Australia?

Sydney’s booming economy offers the best job prospects for ex-pats moving to Australia. With an unemployment rate of around 3.8%, Sydney has a thriving economy in industries such as financial and professional services, construction, and manufacturing.


Australia is one of the most extensive countries in the world, and it has a vast number of unique cities and ecosystems.

It’s impossible to identify the best places to live in Australia without conducting a detailed, national study.

In this article, we’ve created a list of 5 cities which are most likely to appear on the top 10 lists of best Australian cities to live in 2024.

What ranks the best places to live in Australia? Is it the coastal cities, the suburbs, or the small towns in between? We cannot say Currently, we do not have all of the criteria required to give you a precise number of the top places.

But hopefully, this list will be able to point you in the right direction towards finding a place to call home. As always, your suggestions and comments are welcome!

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