5 Best Things To Do In Fort Payne Alabama Before You Die

10 Best Things To Do In Fort Payne Alabama Before You Die
10 Best Things To Do In Fort Payne Alabama Before You Die

So, are you looking for the best things to do in Fort Payne (Alabama)? In this article, I will show you 10 amazing and enjoyable activities you can do when you visit the sock capital of America!

Fort Payne is known for producing more than half of all socks in the United States. It is well known as the Sock Capital of the World. Locals refer to it as “The Heart of the Tennessee River Valley” by locals. We’ve searched far and wide to find the best things to do during your stay in this charming Alabama city and have compiled a list for you here, separated into several categories.

What Is Fort Payne Known For?

Fort Payne is a small town located in DeKalb County, bordered by stunning mountains on one side and an artificial lake (Mulkey Lake) on the other. The town’s weather is unpredictable, with each season bringing its charms, so be prepared for anything.

Fort Payne was popularly known as the “Sock Capital of the World” due to the hosiery mills that were established there.

Although there are around 12,000 individuals residing in Fort Payne (Alabama), the nickname “Sock Capital of the World” was given to Fort Payne not only because of its sock production but also due to its topographical landscape.

It can be difficult to know where to head when you only have a few days in one place, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the area. It can be hard to arrange your perfect itinerary, so here are some suggested best things to do in Fort Payne (Alabama) to help you plan your trip.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Best Things To Do In Fort Payne (Alabama)

1. Little River Canyon National Park

Are you seeking a fun activity to do? For all-around excitement, be sure to put Little River Canyon National Preserve on your list of best things to do in Fort Payne. The Little River Canyon National Preserve, located in northeast Alabama, was formed in the early 1990s and is surrounded by Cherokee and DeKalb counties.

This major natural attraction came about as a way to protect the canyon’s unique plant and animal life and precious water sources that flow out of the canyon. In addition to offering visitors plenty of unique activities to play in, the Little River Canyon has been designated as an International Biosphere Reserve.

Little River Canyon National Preserve is a historical, scenic, and unique park. It’s one of the most spectacular places in Alabama, with its three different types of caves, panoramic views, waterfalls, and other hidden surprises. When packing for the Little River Canyon National Preserve trip, there are several things to consider.

It has tons of great adventures for the adventure-seeking tourist! Whitewater rafting, swimming, fishing, and climbing are just a few. This article describes a few of the best places to visit while you are there.

2. Sally’s Smokin’ Butt BBQ

One of the most authentic Alabama barbecue places is found in Fort Payne, Alabama. serving up some of the best food for miles around is Sally’s Smokin’ Butt BBQ. Anyone traveling to this town should stop by and indulge in this pit cooking experience. One taste of the restaurant’s tasty barbecue will have you returning time & again, besides providing you with an opportunity to try a combination of signature dishes like pork and brisket, chicken, ribs, and more.

Many travelers who are looking to add a taste of authentic American barbecue to their itineraries will want to put Sally’s Smokin’ Butt BBQ on their list of best things to do in Fort Payne, Alabama.

3. Cherokee Rock Village

The Cherokee Rock Village is a fun place to go and visit. The village features several boulders and scenic landscapes, and it is located around Leesburg, 24 miles (38.62 km) south of Fort Payne.

The center is located nearby and offers a variety of exciting sceneries and activities to participate in. Cherokee Rock Village, a biker bar with a reputation for attracting rowdy soldiers from nearby Fort Benning, Georgia, is a great place for bird watchers and nature lovers to visit since you can see soaring birds all around.

The resort overlooks the Alabama countryside, with Virginia pines and hickory trees lining the boulder ridge.

4. Cloudmont Ski Resort

If you’re looking for some of the best things to do in Fort Payne (Alabama), Then you should consider visiting Cloudmont Ski Resort.

The Cloudmont Ski Resort is located on Lookout Mountain and offers visitors a spectacular view of the city, making it a prime spot for families to gather.

At the Cloudmont Ski Resort, you’ll experience a difference in altitude as the temperature drops while enjoying the magnificent views, which are sure to please. With slopes that range from two to 1,000 feet long, the resort will accommodate beginners, intermediates, and professionals.

The Cloudmont Ski Resort is climate-controlled and offers all the snow sports you could want to master.

5. Dine At Vintage 1889

Enjoy a wonderful lunch at the 1889 café, which serves all kinds of excellent local dishes and is sure to add interest to your list of best things to do in Fort Payne (Alabama). The center opened in 2013 and is home to a welcoming atmosphere in a big space with exposed brick walls and a lovely patio beside the old water tower.

Vintage 1889 offers a wide variety of locally created sandwiches made with high-quality ingredients, such as the Cuban sandwich with locally smoked pork, with over 100 labels, including eight on draft and various handcrafted wines.

The restaurant’s vast space is used for special events and shows so that customers can experience the distinctive Nana’s Roast Beef.

Why Is It Called Fort Payne?

Fort Payne is named after U.S. Army officer Captain John Payne, a government agent involved in removing the Cherokee nation to the West on the Trail of Tears (1838–39). Fort Payne was one of many points of origin for this migration and later became incorporated in 1889.


Today’s article lists 5 of the best things to do in Fort Payne, Alabama. If you are ever looking for a fun place to visit, this is a great list. Many people don’t know there is much more to Fort Payne than Civil Fantasy.

There are many things to do in Fort Payne if you consider visiting. We’ve only mentioned 5 of the most popular places, but it’s safe to say that if you’re looking for a little creative inspiration, delicious foods, or historical landmarks, you will have an amazing time here. Enjoy!

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