How To Remove A Towel Bar?

A towel bar can be anywhere in your home, but a lot of people leave them up and it’s not always visible. If you want to take one down, then the process will vary per type of mount point for each different style of towel bar that’s used.

It takes time and effort to find where the mounting bracket is on an existing frame because often times there are multiple screws holding everything together.

Sometimes these brackets have hidden wires or other things attached to them.

This article will show you the steps to remove a towel bar from its mount point, no matter what type of mounting bracket that’s used in your home.

How To Remove Towel Bar

To remove a towel bar, you need to consider if it has a set screw or not or if it is fixed with ceramics. So, you are about to learn how to remove a towel bar:

  • That has a set screw
  • Without a set screw
  • With fixed ceramics end

How To Remove A Towel Bar That Has A Set Screw

To Remove a Towel Bar that has a Set Screw:

  • Search for a Hidden Screw
  • Loosen the Screw
  • Remove the End Post and Bar
  • Remove the Second End Post
  • Remove the Wall brackets

Search For A Hidden Screw

To remove a metal towel bar that has a set screw, look for the circular hole with a hidden screw.

The hole will be about the size of a penny and will be on the bottom or side of the metal bar.

Loosen The Screw

Make sure to loosen the screw until the first end post comes off. Once it’s loose, you can grab onto the post and unscrew it by hand. If it’s too tight, use a wrench to give it a little more force.

First, use an Allen wrench or screwdriver to loosen the set screw. If there are two sets of screws, loosen both of them.

Then, use a tiny-sized tool to loosen the set screw on the towel bar end post base.

The set screw will contain a small, round headless bolt with one flat side that can be removed with a simple turn.

Remove The End Post And Bar

The first end post can be removed by unscrewing the clamp that attaches it to the wall. Once it is free, you will see a flat metal bracket secured with a screw. This bracket can be removed easily.

If the metal towel bar is stubbornly stuck in place, try to remove it from a different angle. If that still doesn’t work, give it another go before continuing with your project.

Next, insert the oscillating tool blade vertically between the end post and wall. Apply pressure as you move the blade back and forth to cut through the adhesive that bonds the end post to the wall.

Remove The Second End Post

The set screws are located on the second end post and they are used for reattachment purposes.

The brackets are attached to the underside of the post so you can unclip them by unfastening the screws.

In order to remove the second end post, use a screwdriver or Allen wrench to loosen the set screw. Once it is loose, you can remove the post by hand.

Remove The Wall Brackets

They are attached to the wall with screws that go into the wall and anchors that keep them in place.

If you want to remove a bracket without unscrewing it, use a drill or screwdriver to back out all of the screws.

Back out all of the screws until the bracket comes loose and then remove it from the wall. If you are trying to remove just the towel bar, unscrew both pieces and take them off together.

How To Remove A Towel Bar Without A Set Screw

To Remove a Towel bar without a set screw:

  • Search for a Metal Release Tab
  • Press the Release Tab
  • Remove the End Post, Second End Post, and Bar
  • Remove the Wall Brackets

Search For A Metal Release Tab

If the towel bar is not mounted with a set screw, it has to be unscrewed by hand. The first thing that you need to do is find the release tab.

This will be a metal tab that will be located at the bottom of the bar. If you can’t find it, try looking for “lift here” or something similar written on one side of the towel bar.

A metal release tab can usually be found on the back of the towel bar. It must be depressed with a screwdriver or other tool before pulling to unscrew it from its mounting position.

Press The Release Tab

If you want to remove a towel bar, the first step is to identify where the release tab is located.

If there’s not one, then it may be time for a replacement. Once found, press the release tab and remove the towel bar.

Remove The End Post, Second End Post, And Bar

Metal towel bars are typically installed without the use of a set screw.

The end post is simply pushed into place inside of the wall and then tightened with a wrench, which locks it in tight.

To remove the end post, you’ll need to first loosen it by turning it counter-clockwise. Once loosened, pull the end post out of its hole and unscrew from inside.

Once you have removed one end post, repeat the process on the second end post posts.

Remove The Wall Brackets

To remove a metal towel bar without a set screw, start by pulling away from where the tab is located on the end post.

If that doesn’t work, try pulling at each angle until the post releases from its bracket.

The towel bar should then slide down, giving you access to remove it from the other end post.

How To Remove A Towel Bar With Fixed Ceramic Ends

To Remove a Towel Bar With Fixed Ceramic Ends:

  • Choose the Right Tool
  • Cut Between the Post and Wall
  • Pull the First and the Second Post Loose

Choose The Right Tool

When removing a ceramic towel bar, it is best to use an oscillating multi-tool like a drill and a 3/8-inch masonry bit instead of prying it off with your hands. This will prevent extensive damage to the wall.

Cut Between The Post And Wall

In order to remove the towel bar, you will need to cut it between the post and wall.

Use a hacksaw or reciprocating saw for this and make sure that you have a good grip on the bar so that it doesn’t spin in your hands. The second post should free up in a minute or two.

The oscillating tool is most useful for cutting through adhesive because it has a slow, steady motion.

You should work slowly around the entire towel bar to avoid breaking it apart and damaging your walls.

The adhesive that is used to attach the posts to the wall can be slow to cut through and it is easy to slip and damage the ceramic.

However, if you take your time and are careful in how you cut, you can remove the bond between the posts without damaging them.

Pull The First And The Second Post Loose

If you have a towel bar with fixed ceramic ends, the best way to remove it is by pulling the first post loose.

Grip one end of the post and pull away from the wall until there is a gap between the first post and the wall.

Use your fingers to grip on either side of this gap, and pull the other end away from the wall until it pops loose.


How Do You Replace A Towel Bar On Ceramic Tile?

If you are trying to replace a towel bar on ceramic tile, there are several things that need to be considered.

First of all, the new towel bar should have a hole in it for mounting purposes. Secondly, the gap between the tile and towel bar should not exceed 1/8 inch because it could cause cracking in the tiles.

Finally, to avoid any damage or harm to yourself use a grinder or drill and just grind or drill through it until you cut all of the ways down

How High Should A Towel Bar Be?

Bathroom towel bars should be placed no higher than 48 inches from the floor so that adults, children, and the elderly can easily access them.

This height ensures that everyone in your household will be able to use them without difficulty.

How Often To Replace A Towel Bar?

If the towel bar is in good condition, it can last a few years. However, if there are any signs of rust or corrosion, it’s time to replace the towel bar.

People think that a towel bar should be replaced because the brackets have become loose from the wall.

There are a few reasons this may happen, but it is most commonly due to the screws becoming loose over time and the weight of the towels pulling on them.

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