How Much Money Do Top 6 Football Clubs Make From Jersey Sales?

How Much Money Do Top 6 Football Clubs Make From Jersey Sales
How Much Money Do Top 6 Football Clubs Make From Jersey Sales

How Much Top 6 Football Clubs Earn From Jersey Sponsorship In 2023

How much money can football clubs earn from jersey sponsorship? That is a question we can answer in a couple of different ways. For example, football clubs can use shirt sales to fund the transfer of certain players.

Real Madrid and Juventus, for instance, have been able to recoup the cost of signing David Beckham through shirt sales. However, there is a rumor that shirt sales can also fund club transfers.

Manchester United

The footballing world has become increasingly money-driven, with a high profile placed on revenue from broadcasting deals. Ticket sales, social media, and winning silverware are all contributing to football clubs’ bottom line.

Despite the recent dip in revenue, the top six teams in the world will still enjoy significant sponsorship deals. How much will the top six football clubs earn from jersey sponsorship in 2023? It’s a good question to ask if you’re a fan of football.

Manchester United – The Red Devils are currently fourth in the Premier League, and have already played more games than Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Interim manager Ralf Rangnick will look to put the season on a high note and push the team into contention for a Champions League place.

In addition to this lucrative deal, the club recently announced a five-year partnership with technology giants TeamViewer, which will become their principal sponsor from 2023 to 2024. That deal is worth $325 million.

Leicester City – After the Premier League announced that King Power will no longer be their shirt sponsor, the club announced a three-year deal with online trading platform FBS.

Leicester had previously been sponsored by the automotive company Chevrolet. Leicester’s jersey sponsorship deal with TeamViewer is worth EUR55 million per year, ahead of the rest of the Premier League.

Moreover, the club’s return to the Champions League will help it in the commercial negotiations, as it brings enhanced global exposure.


How much does Arsenal earn from jersey sponsorship? The Arsenal team has a number of sponsorship deals with major brands.

The club is currently sponsored by Santa Rita winery, which has been a long-term partner since 2012. The partnership has allowed the winery to access legendary players and use them for their own promotional activities.

In addition to the wine deal with Santa Rita, Arsenal has a deal with Malta-based cryptocurrency betting and gaming company VBET. This partnership will include the shirt sponsorship rights and access to the legends of Arsenal.

Another example is Emirates Airlines. Emirates Airlines pays PS40 million to Arsenal each season for the shirt sponsorship, and their logo reads “Emirates – Fly Better” (not to be confused with “Play Better”). Meanwhile, Visit Rwanda sponsors Arsenal’s sleeve, and the two companies pay PS10 million each year. While the two companies are not necessarily the best match-day sponsors, they do add up.

The club’s financial year ended on 31 May 2021 with a record loss, mostly attributable to the impact of the coronavirus. Arsenal posted a post-tax loss of UKPS107.3 million in its latest financial statement, the highest loss in the club’s history. The club played just two games in front of a live audience at Emirates Stadium in the 2020/21 campaign, due to anti-coronavirus measures.


How much will Liverpool earn from jersey sponsorship in 2023? The Premier League’s top club has an ongoing commercial partnership with travel website Expedia. The deal will run through the 2023/2024 season.

Expedia replaces American financial services company Western Union which signed a five-year deal with Liverpool in August 2017.

The club is expected to earn around PS40million a year from this new kit deal. As a reminder, the last kit deal worth PS20million a season is already expiring. The club could look for new sponsors, or extend the current one.

With the new deal, Liverpool will earn over PS40million annually. The new deal with Standard Chartered is the club’s second-longest in history, and could potentially earn them PS100million in total.

The deal between Liverpool and Adidas is expected to generate more than PS45 million a season. Liverpool will earn a percentage of sales from the shirt.

The new deal could equal Manchester United’s PS98.7 million-per-season partnership with Adidas. Liverpool will be paying Adidas a minimum of PS30 million per season, but this will only be a small fraction of their revenue.

However, this deal will be worth PS80 million if they do well in the Premier League.

The Premier League’s new shirt has a number of interesting sponsors. Vodafone, the company serving Liverpool as its Official Partner, has been donating laptops and unlimited data SIM cards to Liverpool households to help them gain online connectivity.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many people in Liverpool have had trouble keeping in touch with their loved ones. The new kit will help them overcome the isolation. So, how much will Liverpool earn from jersey sponsorship in 2022?


How much money can Everton expect to make from shirt sponsorship in 2023? The club’s current PS10m a year deal with Cazoo will expire at the end of the current season.

Everton has been in discussions to extend that deal, but recently suspended all commercial ties with Russian companies. Without a shirt sponsor, Everton could be facing a US$39.5 million shortfall in revenue every year.

The sponsorship deal with USM is said to be worth 66% of Everton’s total income in 2019/20. The Russian businessman was previously a shareholder of Arsenal and is accused of pro-Kremlin activity and being Putin’s favorite.

In a statement, Usmanov denied the accusations and Everton suspended the deals. However, the club’s sponsorship deal with USM is said to be worth more than £20 million.

How much did Everton earn from Jersey shirt sponsorship in 2023? Everton’s new agreement with Hummel is significantly lower than the sum Everton earns from their shirt sponsorship deal with Arsenal and Chelsea.

Those two clubs each receive over PS60 million a season from their jersey sponsorship deals. Manchester City earns PS70 million a season from a kit deal with Nike, while Manchester United earns PS30 million a season from theirs.

Financial Fair Play limits over-investment and artificial inflation of commercial revenue. While UEFA limits the amount of money a club can spend on shirt sponsorship, the rules are gradually easing up.

Despite these changes, Everton’s revenue remains static in 2019 and is predicted to rise two places in 2022 as commercial earnings have more than offset matchday income. However, it is not clear how the club will fare in the future.

Newcastle United

The Premier League has revealed that the clubs will earn more than £360 million in 2020, the same year the World Cup begins. This is a substantial sum of money, but there are several complications.

The clubs will have to pass various tests to be in the top six, including one on the influence of state money on the clubs. In 2022, the Premier League will reveal the figure for the top six clubs, and the World Cup will have a significant impact on the money earned by the teams.

The Public Investment Fund has completed the purchase of Newcastle United and will become the richest owners in world football.

They are funding the consortium led by Amanda Staveley, and they have assets worth PS320 billion. Newcastle United have not been very successful in recent years, but their fortunes are set to rise.

If the Premier League continues to fail to act, the owners could suffer the same fate as the Newcastle Thunder.

The top six clubs are currently earning a great deal from their jersey sponsorship. Manchester United’s deal with Adidas is the highest, paying them EUR72 million a year.

In Spain, the side pocket is the most lucrative, with Blancos earning over EUR70 million a year from Adidas. Paris Saint Germain, meanwhile, has a shirt sponsorship deal with the Accor company, which is worth EUR60 million a year.

Standard Chartered

The Premier League returns this weekend with the return of the UEFA Champions League final. Liverpool will be hoping to end Real Madrid’s two-year reign as European champions. Standard Chartered has signed an extension to its sponsorship of the club, valued at US$214 million.

The bank’s logo will continue to be featured on Liverpool’s playing shirts until the 2023/2024 season. Standard Chartered is the latest company to become a jersey sponsor.

A rumored new sponsor for Liverpool has emerged ahead of the club’s 2023/2024 season. Chevron, an American energy company, is in the mix, but a deal has yet to be agreed upon.

Meanwhile, Standard Chartered has leaked images of possible home and away kits for the 2023/2024 season. While no official announcement has been made, the rumors have a lot of fans excited.

Liverpool is currently in discussions with a number of companies to replace the Standard Chartered jersey sponsorship, which will end at the end of the 2023–2024 season. The club is currently paid PS20 million a season to have the bank on the shirt.

While this isn’t a huge sum of money, it will allow the club to attract new sponsors. However, the deal will still need to be renewed, and it is unclear whether the club will sign another shirt sponsor with another company before 2023.

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