About Damn Time By Lizzo

Lizzo About Damn Time
Lizzo About Damn Time

About Damn Time,” the first single off her upcoming studio album Special, Lizzo transports listeners back to the 1970s with groovy instrumental and uplifting lyrics. The song will be released this summer, with the album slated for a fall release.

In the caption of her Instagram post about the song, Lizzo says, ‘Have you been feeling stressed? Have you also been feeling sexy? Well, I got the remedy for you…’ before presenting the song as the solution.

In a recent interview with Billboard, singer Lizzo described her new single “About Damn Time” as a “catharsis to reflect on anxiety and changes during this time and how they affected us.” In the song, she discusses “pressures and stress from our daily lives.”

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s New Music Daily, Lizzo expressed optimism. She said, “It’s about time I feel better. It’s about time we got out of this pandemic. It’s about time we got the first Black female Supreme Court Justice. There are so many things. It’s about time we popped the Champagne.”

Lizzo is a singer known for her confidence and positive spirit, but she isn’t afraid to discuss her struggles with depression and anxiety.

Lizzo talks about her own mental health struggles online and encourages others to embrace their flaws. “About Damn Time” is an anthem that encourages healing, moving forward, and talking about feelings. Throughout the song, Lizzo reflects on when she used to be stressed out and realizes that she’s “not the girl I was or used to be / Bitch, I might be better.”

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