Nelly Cheboi Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Family, And Relationship

Nelly Cheboi
Nelly Cheboi

Who Is Nelly Cheboi?

Nelly Cheboi also known as Kosi is the CEO of TechLit Africa fosters which is a further technologically learned Africa. She established Pushupbot in April 2020 in Chicago.

She worked as a head software Engineer at User Here from September 2020 to July 2021. She worked as a full-stack engineer from January 2020 to September 2020. 

Nelly Cheboi Age

Nelly Cheboi is 30 years old (as of 2024)

Nelly Cheboi Biography

Nelly Cheboi was born in the year 1993 in Mogotio in Kenya to three daughters family. Her parent’s and siblings’ names are not known.

In 2019, Nelly Cheboi quitted from her position to organize computer labs for students in Kenyan schools. By repurposing older computers and creating “TechLit Africa” computer laboratories for use in Kenyan schools, she initiated younger Kenyans to formerly untried areas.

Nelly Cheboi

Her nomination as one of this year’s Top 10 CNN Heroes was declared at the 16th Annual CNN Heroes event, hosted by Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa and broadcast live from New York City on December 11 night.

Online voters chose her as one of this year’s Top 10 CNN Heroes.
To further her job, she will receive $100,000. She will be granted the Elevate Prize Winner title if her nonprofit organization earns additional funding of $200,000.

Nelly Cheboi Career And Education

The situations in which Nelly was born were very terrible. When Nelly was just nine years old, she was forced to take obligation for raising her sister because of their family’s conditions.

She left her position as a military member in 2019 to begin a computer lab because she wanted to change the narrative about children who grow up in neighbourhoods related to hers. She graduated from Maryhill Girls High School with her diploma.

Nelly Cheboi

She was able to attend Augustana College in Illinois in appreciation of a scholarship that covered her whole schooling. During her junior year, she fulfilled the necessities for her mathematics major by enrolling in a programming lesson.

In 2016, she finished Augustana College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science.

Nelly Cheboi Relationship

We do not know if Nelly is currently in a relationship because she hasn’t shared any photos of her lover. It seems the young lady is serious-minded and focused on her career.

Nelly Cheboi Forbes

Forbes has recognized Nelly as a future leader in social impact on their annual “30 Under 30” list for 2022.

Nelly Cheboi Net Worth 2024

Nelly Cheboi’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 after receiving the cash prize as CNN Hero 2022

FAQ About Nelly Cheboi

Who Is Nelly Cheboi?

Nelly Cheboi also known as Kosi is the CEO & Founder of TechLit Africa fosters which is a more technologically literate Africa.

What is Nelly Cheboi’s nationality?


How old is Nelly Cheboi?

Nelly Cheboi is 30 Years Old (as of 2024).


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