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Raphael Warnock
Raphael Warnock

Who Is Raphael Gamaliel Warnock?

Raphael Gamaliel Warnock is an American Baptist preacher and politician working as a junior United States senator from Georgia since 2021.

He is a member of the Democratic Party. He came to the office on January 20, 2021. Since 2005, Warnock has been the senior pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Early Life

Raphael Warnock was born in Savannah, Georgia, on July 23, 1969. He grew up in public housing as the eleventh of twelve children born to Verlene and Jonathan Warnock, who were both pentecostal pastors.

His father served in the U.S. Army during World War II, where he acquired the skill of automobile mechanics and welding. After that, he created a small car restoration business where he rebuilt condemned vehicles for resale.

His mother picked cotton and tobacco in the summers in Waycross, Georgia, as a teenager and became a pastor.

Raphael Warnock Age

Raphael Warnock is 54 years old (as of 2024)


Raphael Warnock finished Sol C. Johnson High School in 1987. Having wished to follow the path of Martin Luther King Jr., he attended Morehouse College, from which he graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

Raphael Warnock

He attributes his participation in the Upward Bound program to preparing him college-ready, as he was eligible to enrol in timely college courses through Savannah State University.

He then earned Master of Divinity, Master of Philosophy, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Union Theological Seminary, a school affiliated with Columbia University.

Ministerial Profession

Warnock started his ministry as an intern and licentiate at the Sixth Avenue Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama, under the civil rights movement leader John Thomas Porter

In the 1990s, he worked as a youth pastor and then assistant pastor at Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York. While Warnock was pastor at Abyssinian, the church refused to hire workfare recipients as part of systematic opposition to the former major Rudy Giuliani’s workfare program.

The church also organized Fidel Castro on October 22, 1995, while Warnock served as a youth pastor.

In 2005, Warnock evolved the senior pastor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s old church, the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. Since it was founded, he has been the fifth and youngest person to work as Ebenezer’s senior pastor.

Warnock has said that he will keep the assignment even though he will be in the Senate.
As a pastor, Warnock fought for Troy Davis, who was put to death in 2011, to be given a second opportunity.

In 2013, he blessed the public prayer service at Barack Obama’s following installation.

After Fidel Castro died in 2016, Warnock told his church to pray for the Cuban people, calling Castro’s legacy “complex, kind of like America’s legacy is complex”.

In March 2019, Al Gore and William Barber II talked at a meeting on climate change that Warnock held at his church.
In July 2020, Warnock governed at Representative John Lewis’s funeral at Ebenezer Church.

On Easter Sunday in 2021, Warnock’s Twitter account delivered this message: “Easter is about much more than just the resurrection of Jesus Christ. No matter if you are a Christian or not, if you want to help other people, you can save yourself.”

Benjamin Watson, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Jenna Ellis, three conservative Christians and political commentators, called the tweet “heretical.” The tweet was deleted that afternoon, and a spokesperson for Warnock said, “The tweet was posted by staff and was not approved.” The spokesperson wouldn’t say whether the tweet expressed Warnock’s opinions or not.

Political Career

Warnock came to the limelight in Georgia politics as an administrator in the campaign to broaden Medicaid in the state. In March 2014, Warnock directed a sit-in at the Georgia State Capitol to press state lawmakers to approve the expansion of Medicaid offered by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

He and other executives were arrested during the protest. Warnock also energetically campaigned for Georgia Democrats to improve outreach to low-income communities.

In 2015, Warnock assumed running in the 2016 election for the United States Senate position held by Johnny Isakson as a member of the Democratic Party. He ended up not running.

From June 2017 to January 2020, Warnock chaired the New Georgia Project, a nonpartisan organization concentrated on increasing voter registration.

Warnock supports widening the Affordable Care Act and has called for the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. He also supports increasing COVID-19 relief funding.

A proponent of abortion rights and gay marriage, he has been authorized by Planned Parenthood. He opposes the concealed carry of guns, explaining that religious leaders do not want guns in places of worship. Warnock has long disagreed with the death penalty.

In the early 2000s, Warnock was a senior pastor at Douglas Memorial Community Church in Baltimore, Maryland, for four and a half years.

He and a deputy minister were arrested and charged with obstructing a police questioning into suspected child abuse at a summer camp run the church ran.

The police document called Warnock “extremely uncooperative and disruptive”. Warnock had requested that the counsellors have lawyers present when being interviewed by police. The charges were later dropped with the deputy state’s lawyer’s disclosure that it had been a “miscommunication”, putting in that Warnock had supported the investigation and that trial would be a waste of resources.

Warnock said he was barely asserting that lawyers should be present during the interviews and that he had interfered with assuring that an adult was present while a minor suspect was being interviewed.

Personal Life

Warnock resides in Atlanta. He was married to Oulèye Ndoye in a public ceremony on February 14, 2016; the duo had carried out an isolated ceremony in January.

They have two children. The couple divorced in November 2019, and their divorce was completed in 2020.

In March 2020, when Warnock and Ndoye were going through divorce processes, Ndoye accused Warnock of running over her foot with his car during an oral disagreement; Warnock denied the accusation.

According to an Atlanta Police Department report, after Warnock called police to the scene, Ndoye was unwilling to display her foot to the responding police officer, who “did not see any signs that Ms. Ouleye’s foot was ran over”; medical experts then appeared at the scene, but were “not able to locate any swelling, redness, or bruising or broken bones” on Ndoye’s foot. Police did not charge Warnock with any offences regarding the occurrence.

In February 2022, Ndoye asked the court to amend their child custody agreement, giving her “additional custody of their two young children so she can finalize a Harvard University program” and for a recalculation of child support payments.

Raphael Warnock’s Net Worth

Warnock is also a successful business tycoon, besides being a clergyman and a politician. His mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, is valued to be around $1 Million, and his net worth is estimated to be $500 million

Frequently Asked Questions About Raphael Warnock

Who Is Raphael Warnock?

He is an American Baptist preacher and politician working as a junior United States senator from Georgia since 2021.

How Old Is Raphael Warnock?

He is 54 years old (as of 2024)

Where Was Raphael Warnock Born?

Raphael Warnock was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

What Year Was Raphael Warnock Born?

Raphael Warnock was born on July 23, 1969.

What Does Raphael Warnock Do For A living?

He works as a pastor and also a politician.


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