Arthur Fraser’s Biography, Age, Education, Career, Personal Life, And Net Worth

Arthur Fraser
Arthur Fraser

Who Is Arthur Fraser?

Arthur Fraser was the former head of the country’s State Security Agency. The media addresses him as a former ‘Spy Chief.’ He is also regarded as a partner of the former South African president Jacob Zuma. He ordered Zuma’s discharge on medical parole.

Arthur Fraser Biography

Arthur Fraser was born in Cape Flats, a small village in Cape Town, South Africa. Arthur Fraser made headlines numerous times, mostly for unpleasant purposes. Many writings on the internet have portrayed the man as a very wicked and dishonest person.

He might be a famous person who is devoted to the president. He is known to safeguard Jacob Zuma in important aspects.

Arthur Fraser Education

Arthur Fraser is literate and studied at least the undergraduate level. He bagged a degree in video and film production (honors). Arthur acquired a degree from the University of London.

Arthur Fraser Career

He is observed to lead an intimate life and join the underground hierarchies of the ANC. While at NIA, Arthur was an investigator at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

He brags about retaining various operational capacities in the intelligence territory. His performance gained him a position at the national intelligence, Western Cape, where he served as the head.

Later, Fraser got transferred to the immigration branch of the Department of Home Affairs. In the national immigration sector, he held the position of director-general.
After a year and six months of service, he became the deputy director-general at the NIA.

Arthur Fraser Personal Life

Arthur Fraser is a proud dad and a husband. He is happily married to Natasha Fraser, and he is the father of Lyle. His brother, Barry Fraser, and his in-law Graham Egel are among his siblings. 

Graham is married to one of his sisters and served as the chief of internal intelligence and operations.
His household has manufactured prominent personalities in the country, including his sister Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi. She worked as a cabinet minister.

Arthur Fraser Age

Details about Arthur Fraser’s age or birth are currently unavailable as other sources didn’t provide them.

Arthur Fraser Net Worth 2023

Arthur Fraser has an estimated net worth of $800 million dollars due to the fraudulent activities he was involved in during his days in office.


What you just finished reading is all you need to know about the life of Arthur Fraser.

We will include other things about him in this article if we get to know him.

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