How To Block Someone On Linkedin

Read this article to the end to know how to block someone on LinkedIn,  but before then, let’s learn about the social media platform itself.

What Is Linkedin?

LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media platforms working professionals use daily to connect and advertise their services.

On the other hand, many individuals and competitors have been blocked on Linkedin for various reasons such as spamming, marketing, and so many other reasons.

LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the most used social media platforms today, with more than 600 million active monthly users. 

It is a platform where people interact socially with clients, business partners, and prospects; unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is seen to be more professional, but sadly, it may look hard to navigate through or even understand how the platform works if you are a newbie. 

How To Block And Unblock Someone On Linkedin

Let us try and find out how to block someone on LinkedIn though there are some common ways that can be applied when blocking someone.

However, this article will discuss how you can block and unblock someone on LinkedIn using any device, whether a PC, MacBook, or mobile device.  

Hence, if this sounds like what you want to learn, consider reading through this article to the end for more insight.

Like every other social media platform, LinkedIn allows users to accept, decline, or block any member from viewing their profile, and anyone can do this. 

This ensures that users enjoy their stay on the platform by having control of their spaces. As a member of LinkedIn,  you can decide who should or should not be allowed to view your LinkedIn profile. 

However, you can block a member from viewing your profile using your PC, MacBook, or mobile device. 

And once you have successfully blocked a member, they’ll appear on your blocked list. And the blocked member won’t receive any notification from LinkedIn concerning this action.

LinkedIn suggests that you can block as many as 1400 members on the platform, which is quite too much. 

Also,  it is very important to know that for you to unblock the same member you have blocked before, you will have to wait for approximately 2 more days (48 hours). 

How To Block Someone On Linkedin

On LinkedIn, blocking a member means they can no longer view your profile and your updates on the platform. Blocking is a very useful feature that can be used in all types of scenarios.

While it might seem like a difficult process, it’s actually quite easy! Just follow our guide below for just how to block someone on Linkedin.

  1. First and foremost, visit the profile of the member you would like to block on LinkedIn. 
  1. Go on to click on the “More button”  You will usually see it below the member’s profile picture and select either Report/Block from the list.
  1. Now, all you have to do is to select the “Block” option. 

You have successfully blocked the member from viewing your profile on LinkedIn. 

Note: This works fine for any device, whether you use a PC, MacBook, or mobile phone. 

How To Unblock A Member On LinkedIn

Now,  you have learned how to block a member from viewing your profile on LinkedIn.  

Knowing how you can unblock a member, you have already blocked on LinkedIn is also very important. 

This is one of the easiest things you need to know as a user of the platform and trust me, it doesn’t require much technical training, and you can do it all by yourself without any help. 

However,  below is a guide on how you can unblock a member on LinkedIn. 

  1. First and foremost, click the  “Me” icon located at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  1. The next thing to do is to visit Settings & Privacy.
  1. Select the Visibility of your LinkedIn activity.
  1. Click Blocking and select Change.
  1. From your list of already blocked members, find the name of the person you want to unblock and click “unblock.”


This is indeed very simple and easy to do all by yourself. With this, I believe you now know how to block and unblock a member on LinkedIn. 

That is all about how to block someone on Linkedin. It is a good idea to block people that you find annoying or irritating. This allows you to concentrate on better-quality discussions and interactions within your network.

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