How To Get Lab To Level 3 Lost Ark

How To Get Lab To Level 3 Lost Ark
How To Get Lab To Level 3 Lost Ark

How to get lab to level 3 lost ark: Your stronghold in the lost ark is comprised of a number of facilities which each serve a specific purpose. One of these facilities is your Lab which is where that research and development can take place which ultimately leads to more powerful abilities and higher maintenance costs for your ships.

The trick here, however, is that you can only upgrade your lab to level 5; once you reach this upper limit it will no longer be possible for you to expand the facility any further. But don’t fret because we are going to show you how to level up the lab in order for you to reach its full potential.

How To Get Lab To Level 3 Lost Ark

As your stronghold level increases, the levels of your other facilities will automatically raise on their own. For the Lab, raising your stronghold Level will add new research topics for developing ships, creating items, and even boosting the Lab’s efficiency. You can even use research to unlock additional slots for Research, however that works.

How To Level Up The Stronghold

To raise your stronghold level, do anything in your Stronghold and on the surrounding property.

Doing anything in your stronghold and on the surrounding property will contribute to your stronghold experience, which will gradually raise your level.

And activities that reward stronghold experience are listed below;

  1. Completing the stronghold tutorials
  2. Crafting items
  3. Performing Research
  4. Sending ships out on expeditions
  5. Completing Station Quests
  6. Completing weekly stronghold Quests

If you’re not sure what level your Stronghold needs to be to upgrade your facilities, go to the Lab and click on the drop-down near the top of the screen marked “Available Research.” Switch it to “All Research,” and you’ll see all potential Research projects, even ones you can’t access yet, as well as their individual requirements.

How To Increase Charisma In Lost Ark

Charisma is one of your character’s four Virtues in Lost Ark, alongside Kindness, Courage, and Wisdom. Your Charisma stat determines how the game’s NPCs feel about you. If your Charisma is too low, the NPCs won’t trust you and won’t even talk to you.

When you earn Virtue points in Lost Ark, they are automatically distributed across all four of your Virtues. As a result, any Virtue boost you can get will have a net positive impact on your Charisma, though there are also a couple of ways to boost it specifically. You can raise your Virtue in Lost Ark in the following ways:

  1. Complete sidequests and missions
  2. Chat up NPCs
  3. Consume Potions
  4. Complete Una’s Tasks
  5. Unlock Achievements
  6. Equip Gear


Now that you know about the research lab and how to get it to level 3, all that is left is for you to get going. Use your knowledge of the research lab to push your game even further than ever before. The choice is yours as to how far you will take your awesome game.

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